Pictures from Onion Creek Walk on Nov 19th

Pictures from Onion Creek Walk on Nov 19th

We’re happy that some of our walkers at our Onion Creek Neighborhood walk took pictures along the route and sent them to us. Both Charley Watt Jr. and Martin Callahan shared some pictures. It was a cold and rainy day, but they made it look like fun!

Martin took the picture above of (left to right) Doug E., Charley W. and John David G. along the walk route.

Charley sent in the next set of pictures. The first two are from the trail. On the left is a gazebo in Sullivan Park, and on the right is a view of Onion Creek from the River Plantation Dr. bridge.

Next are some pictures from the Start/Finish area. First is Stephanie K. with Charley, then the sign at the entrance to Onion Creek Club, and then a selfie that Charley took with the historic clock in the background.

Martin sent us the rest of the pictures in this post. Below are Doug E. on the left and Nelli A. by a plaque dedicated to Jimmie Connolly, one of the founders of the Onion Creek Club and Golf Course.

At the Start/Finish below are (left to right) Colorado River Walkers Deb P., Greg S. and Linda D.

Next are Doug E. (left) and Pat G. on the walk.

Martin got a good picture of one of the vultures that hangs out by Onion Creek.

The rest of the pictures are of interesting things on mailboxes! Martin is in the one below.

Doug E. is in the next few pictures.

Lastly, a thoughtful frog.

Thank you to Martin and Charley for sharing the pictures!