Photos from Texas Trail Roundup 2022

Photos from Texas Trail Roundup 2022

Some Colorado River Walkers went to San Antonio this past weekend to help out with the Texas Trail Roundup International Walk Fest and enjoy the walks. Carol O. and Doug E. helped to staff the walks, and Stephanie K. and Greg S. got some walking in.

On Friday, February 18th, Carol walked in downtown San Antonio and took the photo above, as well as the next photo of a mural on the walk route.

On Saturday, February 19th, Carol worked the Mission Espada checkpoint and sent the photo below of a group of IML walkers there. Doug was a traveling medic and biked the longer routes to check on walkers doing the 42k and 21k walks!

Stephanie K. sent the following pictures from the Downtown San Antonio 5k walk on Friday. Below is a stained glass window in the entry of the Hermann Sons building, which was the Start/Finish for the 3-day weekend of walks.

Stephanie walked with Martin C. and Gayle W. on the Friday 5k. Here they are at the start of the walk; Martin has his dogs, Rudy on the left, and Dolly on the right. The historic Tower Life Building is between them with the green roof. It was built in the late 1920’s.

Martin took the next picture of Stephanie (on the left, with Dolly) and Gayle with Rudy by the Lady Justice fountain, with the Bexar County Courthouse in the background.

Stephanie snapped the photo below of Gayle taking a picture at El Mercado!

Stephanie walked the King William/Blue Star Art Complex 5k walk on Saturday, February 19th, and took this last set of photos along the route.

Some beautiful homes:

Below is the Pioneer Flour Mills.

Last is a view of some homes on the river, taken from the riverwalk.

The walks were wonderful, with so many sights to see!