Photos from Hornsby Bend in Austin

Photos from Hornsby Bend in Austin

Ever on the lookout for new places to walk, Carol O. has been exploring the trails at Hornsby Bend in southeast Austin.  She has led a few walks there in the last few weeks, and on January 22nd, Hal and Jean joined her.

The photo above shows Jean (on the left) and Carol on the trail.

Hornsby Bend is run by the city of Austin, and it is a pretty impressive place for a biosolids management plant.  It has won national awards for biosolids recycling, and it is the site for the Austin Water Center for Environmental Research, which was formed in 1989 as a partnership with the University of Texas and Texas A&M University.

The treatment ponds have become a mecca for a variety of birds and waterfowl, so birders started coming to the ponds for bird watching.  This led to the development of the Hornsby Bend Bird Observatory program.  Below is one of the ponds.

The next picture is of Jean and Hal on the walk.

And a few more pictures of scenery.

And a final picture of Jean and Carol.

Thank you for sharing these pictures, Carol. Happy walking!