Shiner Walk on Jan 29th

Shiner Walk on Jan 29th

The San Antonio Pathfinders are featuring their Shiner Historic City Year Round walk this coming Saturday, January 29th.  The start location is Howard’s Convenience Store at 1701 N Ave E, Shiner, TX 77984. The picture above was taken at Howard’s at the Shiner walk in January of 2015. Left to right are Teri, Greg, Debbie, Ursula and Gerda.

If you haven’t been to Howard’s, or Shiner for that matter, this is the perfect opportunity to experience this unique place.  The Shiner Chamber of Commerce website describes Howard’s as follows:

Upon first arrival, Howard’s may look like a convenience store/gas station, but step inside to find a unique place filled with Shiner memorabilia, 9 kinds of beer on tap (including all the great Shiner beer varieties), video rentals, snacks, T-shirts, and Blue Bell ice cream. It’s a beer, fishing bait and ammo shop all in one! Walk out the rear exit to find yourself in a covered beer garden. On some weekends you can even dance to live music by “Los Kolaches” or similar local bands. Howard’s is affectionately called the “Shiner Country Club” because it’s a place “where new friends are made, old friends meet, and families are always welcome”.

Below is a picture of the flyer for this year’s event.

Back in 2015, the group from Austin also visited some of the painted churches in the area after the walk.  Below are Teri and Charles in the back, with Ursula and Gerda in front.

The next pictures shows Gerda inside one of the churches.  These beautiful churches were built by German and Czech immigrants who settled in this area.

A big “Thank You!” to Carol Obianwu for sharing these pictures from the January 2015 walk. It looks like the group enjoyed the walk!