Photos from Johnson Creek Trail on Feb 20th

Photos from Johnson Creek Trail on Feb 20th

Martin Callahan shared some photos from the Johnson and Butler Trails walk that our club hosted on February 20th of this year. He did the Johnson Creek Trail portion of the walk.

The photo above is of walkers and workers at the Start/Finish. Left to right are Mike and Kathy S., Doug E., Kathy and Les S., and Carol O.

Below is another group of workers. From the left are Carolyn D., Stephanie K., Carol O. and Doug E.


Below are more pictures from the trial.

Doug E. by the Military Order of the World Wars memorial to Korean War Veterans. This was taken at the Veterans Pocket Park near the Travis Post 76 of the American Legion.
This photo shows Doug by the monument to the Military Order of World Wars dedicated to veterans of the Vietnam War.
Doug by one of two historic guns on the grounds of the American Legion Post 76.

Martin shared the following information about the gun and the American Legion Post 76:

This is one of two 75 mm Field Gun Model 1897 on M2 Carriages on display in front of the Johnson House visible in the distance behind him. The home was built in 1858 and serves as the Travis Post 76 of the American legion. The gun he is standing next to is serial number 23986 and the tube was built in 1918 for World War I. These guns were modernized after WWI. For additional information on Travis Post 76 online visit:

Martin in front of the historic Johnson House that now serves as Travis Post 76 of the American Legion.
A picturesque home and snow-covered walkway.
A Little Free Library.
The beautiful mural at Deep Eddy Pool.

Martin provided the following background information about the Deep Eddy mural:

A view of part of the Deep Eddy Mural Project by Wanda Montemayor and Lisa Ord dedicated in 2011 and visible from along the walk trail with a telephoto lens. The flowing, sparkling wave of blue, green and white covers about 1,200 square feet of what was once an ugly expanse of concrete. More than 40,000 tiles and bits of irregularly shaped glass depict the early days of the oldest swimming pool in Texas. For more information on this art project visit the following website online at:

Stacks of canoes across the lake.
A final photo of Colorado River Walkers Les and Kathy S., bundled up and ready to stamp books for people finishing the walk.

Thanks, Martin! We appreciate your photos and the additional information you provide on the history of the places.