Deb’s Week of Walking in Photos

Deb’s Week of Walking in Photos

Deb Peak, one of our newest members of the Colorado River Walkers, sent these pictures from last week, when she went on three walks in central Texas. We love her unique view and the interesting sights that catch her attention.

The photo above, and the next two pictures, are from the Comfort Easter Walk that she walked on April 3rd.


Next she went to Round Rock on April 7th to walk our newly revised YRE there. The next four pictures are from that walk. She said that the house and car below are mentioned in the walk directions, as well as the Round Rock Donuts shop.


Lastly, she went to Castroville on April 10th for the Tour de Castroville walk. She said the poppies were blooming, and we can see how beautiful they are in these two pictures below.


Thanks, Deb, for sharing these pictures!