Tour de Castroville Walk on Apr 10th

Tour de Castroville Walk on Apr 10th

The San Antonio Pathfinders are hosting a volksmarch as part of the 10th Tour de Castroville Walk/Run/Ride event in the historic town of Castroville. The walk will be this coming Saturday, April 10th.

Castroville is known as “The Little Alsace of Texas,” and it has many unique and historic buildings. This walk has been a popular volksmarch over the years, and we are happy that the tradition continues.

Martin Callahan took the photo above on a volksmarch in Castroville in September, 2008, and also the photo below.

In the picture above, Phyllis E. is on the left side of the metal pipe, with one of her exchange students to her left. On the other side are Stephanie and Jim K. and Frank C.

Below, left to right, are Stephanie and Jim K., Martin C., and Phyllis E.


There will be both a 5k and 10k walk, and walkers will follow the same marked route used by Tour De Castroville through the town. Please see the brochure below for all the details:

It should be a fun and interesting event, so we hope that you will be able to join us!