Photos from Georgetown Walk on Apr 5th

Photos from Georgetown Walk on Apr 5th

Carol Obianwu sent these beautiful pictures from a group walk of our Georgetown YRE that she led on Monday, April 5th.

As the sign says, Georgetown is the “Red Poppy Capital of Texas,” and Carol’s pictures are living proof.


Below is the group of walkers. From left to right are Mary, Nelli, Doug, Carol and Frank.


Next are a few pictures of nice houses from the trail.


Another view of the red poppies!


The Historical Marker below marks the spot where the Marshall-Carver High School was once located, but the building is no longer there.


Carol also sent us a “Poppy Map” that shows where the poppies are in the town.


This is definitely the time of year to get out and walk our Georgetown Year Round Event. So pretty!