Next CRW Meeting Is Monday, Apr 12th

Next CRW Meeting Is Monday, Apr 12th

Our April Colorado River Walkers club meeting is coming up next Monday, April 12th, at 6:00 pm.

We’ll be meeting at a new location this month, Eilers Park, which is right next to Deep Eddy Pool.  The address is 401 Deep Eddy Avenue, Austin, Texas 78703.

Martin Callahan provided the photo above of the park sign and the next two pictures. The first picture below is of Colorado River Walker Doug E. by the “Dragon Teeth” sculpture in the park, and the second is a close up of another piece of art in the park.

Eilers Park, sculpture
Eilers Park artwork

In years past, our club sometimes held our annual pot luck picnic meetings at this location, and the walk route of our most recent walk, the Johnson and Butler Trails walk, went through this little park.

Just about a block from the park is Pool Burger, which will be open and has take out, in case folks want to get a burger.  Or you can bring food and drinks from home if you want refreshments.

Picnic tables are available at Eilers Park, but some people may want to bring a folding chair so that we may gather as a group more easily.

The weather and scenery should be very enjoyable.  We hope that you can join us!