We’re Walking Part of our Brushy Creek YRE on Aug 1

We’re Walking Part of our Brushy Creek YRE on Aug 1

Doug Eide will be leading a group walk this coming Saturday, August 1st, along a section of our CRW Brushy Creek YRE trail.

We will NOT meet at the YMCA, which is the usual start point for this YRE.  Instead, we will meet at Brushy Creek Lake Park, which is another place on the trail.  The address is 3300 Brushy Creek Road, Cedar Park, TX 78613.  Please see the map below.  After entering the park from Brushy Creek Road, veer LEFT and park just after the restrooms.


Since the route is part of our Brushy Creek Year Round Event, we will get credit for this walk.  We want to start walking by 7:30 am, so please arrive early enough to sign the registration form, stamp your books and pay the $3.00 fee before 7:30.

Also, please wear a mask and bring water and a hat if needed.  Doug plans on walking about 5k, but people are free to walk further than that if they wish. 

These pictures were sent by Doug, and they show portions of the Brushy Creek Regional Trail by the lake and dam. 

We hope you can join us!