Photos from Brushy Creek Walk on Aug 1st

Photos from Brushy Creek Walk on Aug 1st

A group of 11 walkers had a very pleasant walk last Saturday, starting at Brushy Creek Lake Park in Cedar Park. In the picture above, Jean (on the left) and Mary (on the right) pause in front of the lake.

Doug led the group on a portion of the new route that he is planning for our Brushy Creek Trail YRE.   The group walked his proposed Loop 3, part of a series of loop walks as complementary additions to the long standing “out and back” route along Brushy Creek in Cedar Park.  Over the coming years, Williamson County, Round Rock, and other government agencies intend to connect trails all the way to Hutto. 

Below is Doug, our trail master and intrepid leader!


Below is a picture of some of the walkers taking a break at a pavillion.


Another great shot of part of the group is below. Doug is standing in the back, and left to right are Hal, Jean, Kathy and Les.

Brushy Creek Lake Park, walkers by dam

Some pictures by the lake shore.

Brushy Creek Lake, group 1
Brushy Creek Lake, group 2
Brushy Creek Lake, group 3

Below are some pictures of Mary Z and Jean B at different spots along the trail. I love the big smiles!


Looks like a great walk with lots to see. Thank you, Doug, for laying out this new route!