Meeting Minutes March 2024

Meeting Minutes March 2024

Meeting Minutes

Colorado River Walkers


President Carol O. called the meeting to order at 6:08 pm at the upstairs dining area at Central Market.  There were 5 members present.

MINUTES: The 2/04/2024 meeting minutes were previously sent by e-mail and not read.  The minutes were approved as read.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Terry S. sent a full written report for the month ending 2/29/2024.  The ending balance was $2698.

YRE REPORT: FEBRUARY                                                                                                                                                

Austin Historical – 1w

Lady Bird Lake – 2w

Georgetown – 3w

Belton – 0w

Fairview – 1w

Brushy Creek – 2w/0bike

Pflugerville – 1w

Salado – 0w

Round Rock – 4w

Total = 14 walkers (1w x $3,13w x $4)  = $55.00


1. Carol O. gave old outdated patches and medals no longer needed to Ellen Ott (Road Runners) to sell at various events.   Any profit made will be given to AVA.

2. The CRW event, Buda, TX, Old and New, held 2/17/2024, was quite successful. There were 61 participants .despite the very cold and windy weather conditions.  Carol O. gave a big thanks to all who helped staff the event.

3. After an online query by Carol O, the CRW meeting time will revert back to the 2nd Monday each month at 6 pm as of this meeting.


1. Carol O. represented CRW at the April 11 TVA meeting in Kerrville. Three other CRW members also attended. Topics discussed included:

  • Due to health issues, Susan M. will switch from Southwest Regional Director to Southwest Deputy Regional Director. Andy Thomas will take on responsibilities of the Southwest Regional Director.
  • Three clubs in San Antonio, the Randolph Road Runners, San Antonio Pathfinders, and the Texas Wanders, are considering merging in the future into one club due to diminishing numbers of members in each club and some members belonging to more than one of the clubs.
  • Tentatively, the next TVA meeting will be 11/8/2024 – 11/10/2024 in Rockport.

2.  Volunteers are needed to develop a Sun Rise walk this summer. A YRE can be used for the walk. A date is to be determined.  Please let Carol know if you would be interested in leading this walk.

3. Stephanie is tentatively planning the next walk event in Bastrop on 9/28/2024.

4. April 1-7 is National Walking Week. Anyone interested in leading a YRE group walk during this time, please let Carol know.

UPCOMING  INTERESTING  EVENTS:  For further information please see the CRW and AVA websites.

  • The San Antonio Pathfinders are planning a three day weekend event, Coast Adventure, 5/10 – 05/12 that will include YRE walks in Corpus Christi, Rockport, and Aransas Pass.
  • A Trip to Crazy Horse starting 5/3/2024 is being planned by AVA. A bus will leave San Antonio, spend a night going to, one day at the Crazy Horse walk, and one day in return.
  • In conjunction with a Camino Real organization event, Ellen Ott is planning a walk on 3/23/2024 at Woodland Lake in San Antonio as a part of the Camino festivities.

The meeting adjourned at 7:15 pm

Respectively submitted,

Mary Z., Secretary