East Austin walk on Nov 18th

East Austin walk on Nov 18th

The Colorado River Walkers are pleased to be hosting a new walk in East Austin this coming Saturday, November 18th. It is our “East Austin: Art, Culture & Trails” walk, and walkers will be able to see a little of all of that. For all of the details, please see our walk brochure at the bottom of this post.

The picture above shows the pedestrian bridge over Boggy Creek in Govalle Neighborhood Park, and below are some sights from the trail.

The next few pictures were taken at Southwest Key Programs, the complex where the Victor R. Garza Community Center is located. It is the Start/Finish for the walk, located at 6002 Jain Lane in Austin. The “Walk of Heroes” contains mosaics of cultural heroes.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is honored below.

The next mosaic honors Bertha Williams. These are only two of the seven heroes who are honored along the walkway leading to the building.

Next is a walkway in Govalle Park.

We also have a few pictures from the sculpture garden which is on the walk route.

There are several interesting metal sculptures.

Another sculpture.

There are some great murals on Bolm Road!

The Bolm Road Mural Project celebrates the history of the Govalle area.

Below is another picture of Boggy Creek from a different pedestrian bridge.

Lastly, a mural that is inside the Victor R. Garza Community Center, which is the walk start point.

We hope you enjoy this preview of our walk! Below is the walk brochure.