Photos from Zilker Neighborhood Revisited Walk on Sep 23rd

Photos from Zilker Neighborhood Revisited Walk on Sep 23rd

Here are some pictures that were taken at the “Zilker Neighborhood Revisited” walk which our club hosted on September 23rd. Martin Callahan took the pictures and we are happy to share them on our website.

Above are (left to right) John B., Tina B., Doug E., Frank E., Sheri L. and Martin C. on a bridge along the trail.

Below are Doug E. and Frank E. standing by a beautiful old Pecan tree in Zilker Park.

This tree was the 2011 City of Austin Tree of the Year. The plaque near the tree reads:

“THIS NATIVE PECAN TREE witnessed much of Austin’s history and the beloved Barton Springs. The species, the state tree of Texas, has magnificent branches reaching over 100 feet and invites the community to assemble. This tree provides sustenance to its visitors and produces untold generations of new pecan trees that sustain our urban forest.”

The next picture shows Barton Creek, which feeds into Lady Bird Lake.

And below is a picture of the lake.

Next are Doug and Frank by the memorial to Park Police Officer William D. Jones, Sr.

The last few pictures were taken at the Start/Finish. Let’s give a shout out to our wonderful Colorado River Walker members who worked the walk – those that are shown here, and all the others! First are (left to right) Terry S., Mary Z., and Sandi H.

Finally, here are Stephanie K., Greg S., and Doug E.

It was a great walk, and we appreciate Martin for taking and sharing the pictures!