Meeting Minutes August 2023

Meeting Minutes August 2023

Meeting Minutes

Colorado River Walkers


President Carol O. called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm at the Central Market upstairs dining area. There were 6 members present.

MINUTES: The 7/10/2023 meeting minutes were previously sent by e-mail and not read. The minutes were approved as sent.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Terry S. reported $3143.39 was in the bank on 07/01/2023 when the office of Treasurer was transferred from Sam her. She met with Sam during July and completed all the requirements for the change.  After paying various bills for CRW, there is a bank balance of 2,970.89 as of this date. Terry S. also updated the CRW membership form that can be included with the new walker packet information and those who have expressed interest in the CRW walks.


Austin Historical – 0w

Lady Bird Lake – 0w

Fairview Park – 0w

Georgetown – 1w

Belton – 0w

Brushy Creek – 0w/0 bike

Pflugerville – 1w

Round Rock – 0w

Salado – 0w

Total = 2 x $3 = $6

a. Special Programs expiring this year are Clocks, Mayflower, and Airports; the new Special Programs are A-MAZING-Labyrinths, and Step to the Beat (music venues). The YREs are being updated to include the needed changes.

b. Carol O. suggested changing the Lady Bird Lake YRE back to going west from the Start Point rather than east around Lady Bird Lake. This change would allow the Special Programs of A-MAZING-Labyrinths, Step to the Beat, and Walking with American Veterans to be included in the walk.  After discussion, all agreed to the changes.

c. The Capitol YRE route is again in need of updating due street revisions in the walk route area. Carol O. will make the changes.

d. The Georgetown YRE continues to be a problem due to the late opening of the Visitor’s Center where the walk begins.  A new physical location to start the walk is needed.  In addition, an On-Line Start Box should be considered. Deb Peak is working on these issues.


1.   Three CRW members were recognized by AVA for their contributions to our club during the past two years: Stephanie K., Meritorious Award, Deb P. Commendable Award, and Linda D, Commendable Award.   The physical awards were received and Linda D. was presented with hers.  Thank you, Linda, for all your great work! The other rewards will be presented at a future time.

2. The next sponsored CRW walk, Zilker Neighborhood Revisited, will be held 9/23/2023. The flyer has been completed and is ready for distribution.  The 6km and 10km routes are in process.  The routes will be similar to those in 2015. Carol O discussed possible changes to some areas.


1. The next TVA meeting will be held in the Dallas area on Nov. 10, 11 & 12, 2023.  The associated walks will be in memory of the assassination of JFK.

2. A future CRW scheduled walk event will be held 11/18/2023. If anyone is interested in developing this event walk or another walk, please contact Carol O.  

3. Much progress has been made by Larry J. and Carol update the membership list.

UPCOMING EVENTS:   For info, please see the AVA and CRW websites.

The Meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm

Respectively submitted,

Mary Z., Secretary