Pictures from Boggy Creek Walk on Apr 15th

Pictures from Boggy Creek Walk on Apr 15th

We have some nice pictures from the Boggy Creek Trail Walk that our club hosted on April 15th. Charles Rogers sent the picture above, which was taken at the checkpoint at Boggy Creek Farm. It shows Rosie P. helping out at the checkpoint.

The next set of pictures were taken by Martin Callahan while on the walk. Below are Frank E. (left, with Rudy) and Doug E. by a seating area along the Boggy Creek Greenbelt.

Next is a view of Doug, Frank and Rudy on the walking trail with cyclists on the bike trail next to them.

In the picture below, Martin C. is standing by one of the murals that is part of the “Pillars Project.”

The walk route crossed several bridges. Below, Doug E. turned around for a nice picture!

Martin Callahan also took pictures at the Start/Finish. Below are Stephanie K. (left) and Larry J. working registration.

Colorado River Walkers club president, Carol Obianwu, is pictured below with her son and family. Left to right are Carol O., Emeka O. (her son), Kati O. (her daughter-in-law), and Cooper O. (her grandson).

Next is Sam H., our club treasurer.

Last is Deb Peak, who was working the Start Table.

Deb took the last three pictures along the trail. Below is some cute yard art.

Next are some plastic flamingos grazing among the flowers.

The final picture is a gorgeous shot of some prickly pear!

We’re sending a big “Thank You!” to our photographers, workers and walkers!