Reminder – Boggy Creek Walk on Apr 15th

Reminder – Boggy Creek Walk on Apr 15th

We’re looking forward to our spring walk this year. We’ll be walking along the Boggy Creek Greenbelt Trail in east Austin this coming Saturday, April 15th, and in some interesting neighborhoods in the area.

We have a lot of links that highlight historical and cultural sights along the trail in this post from a few weeks ago.

The picture above shows the Henry G. Madison cabin in Rosewood Neighborhood Park, and the one below is a closeup of some Mealy Blue Sage that Deb Peak snapped on one of our workers’ walks.

She also took the picture below of a garden along the route.

For all the details on this walk, please see the flyer below.

The last picture shows one of the pedestrian bridges that the 10k walkers will cross on the walk.

We hope that the weather cooperates so that people can come out and enjoy the walk!