18th IVV Olympiad Starts on Feb 19th

18th IVV Olympiad Starts on Feb 19th

The 18th IVV Olympiad will start this coming Sunday, February 19th, in San Antonio!

The Olympiad will last for five days and will include some great walks. Then, on Friday, February 24th, the IML Texas Trail Roundup starts and will last for three days. You can view the daily schedule for the full eight days on the Olympiad website.

We are looking forward to the walks, swims, social gatherings, great music, and fun in San Antonio! Below is some helpful information for those who will be attending:

Packet Pickup: 

Packet pickup will be daily at La Quinta Inn Riverwalk during the following times:

Saturday Feb 18:  4pm – 8pm                      Sunday Feb 19:  7am – 12noon

Daily:  Monday February 20 – Sunday February 26:  6:45am – 12noon

Merchandise sales will be at these times also, along with daily registration.

10K Group walk daily:  “Buffy”, one of our long-time walkers, will lead a group at 9am daily Feb. 20 – 26 for the 10K walks. Meet in the lobby of the La Quinta Hotel to walk with others and meet new friends from around the world.

Daily texts will be sent to your phone: You can download the app at packet pickup, to receive information daily on the events, entertainment, weather, etc. If there is an emergency, we will also text you. Look for the QR code on the wall at packet pickup.  We will have an operations center for all information.  A voice phone number will be on all directions, if you need to call. 

Weather:  San Antonio generally has mild weather at the end of February.  Current predictions show temperatures in the mid 60s to 70F (18-21C), low rain %s and winds around 8-10mph.


1.  From the airport, a taxi is $20, rideshare is less.  There are VIA buses, but the drop off point is about a quarter mile from La Quinta. Bus maps will be available at information.

2.  For the swim events, buses are free to the Natatorium from La Quinta.

3.  Saturday Feb. 25, for the 21K and 42K events, buses are $10 to take you to the start.

4.  To get around San Antonio, VIA (San Antonio transportation company) buses are inexpensive.    You can buy 1 day, or a week pass. Seniors get a discount.

Swim Events:  2 free buses will begin at 9:30am Feb 21 & Feb 22.  Departures are 45 minutes apart from hotel to the swim. Lockers are available, just bring your own lock. You must also bring your own towel. The only restrictions are that women must have one piece bathing suits, no 2-piece. For men and women, no cut-offs or t-shirts are allowed in the pool. We have a number of lanes available, so there is no need to feel hurried. There are two swim events, one each day, so each event will have its own separate stamp. There are bleachers if you want to bring a backpack if you don’t want a locker. Caps are not required. We must be out by 3pm so the last swimmers must go in the pool by 2:30pm.

Bike Rentals:  We have 60 rental bikes with helmets at Blue Star Bikes about 1 mile away. You can get directions and a trail map at Registration. You can walk to Blue Star, and begin right away, as the trails are right there. The bike store will open at 8:30am. You must return your bike that same day, but they will put your name on it, so you can get the same bike. We are almost at the limit of bikes registrations, so let us know if you are bringing your own bike, so we can open up a rental spot for someone else.  If you bring your own bike, you can store it in your hotel room, we do not have space at registration.

San Antonio Rodeo:  to get to the rodeo and back to La Quinta, we suggest you take the bus early to see the Fairgrounds and Stock Show. Then by 7pm, be in the arena for the professional rodeo, followed by a major concert afterward. NOTE: If you are riding the bus, you have to be on the last bus, at 10pm. Be aware you cannot spend all night there, so may have to miss some of the concert. Or you can rideshare. You can get tickets and see the schedule here.

Parking:  if you are not staying at La Quinta, there is an overpass behind La Quinta, where you can park for $3/day Monday-Thursday and $5/day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You cannot leave your car overnight.  There are parking lots throughout the area, also.

Boots & Poles:  These are urban walks, so you do not need hiking boots, unless traveling on your own to do other walks. You can use walking sticks, but you don’t need them.

First Aid:  Every check point will have a first aid kit, and the volunteers will have a list of hospitals if there is an emergency. Checkpoint volunteers will be trained on how to handle emergencies. We will have a command center, so there’s a triage type of call center on who to call. Volkssporters will always be connected to someone if there is an emergency. There will also be a first-aid station at the finish at the Olympiad Village in La Villita.

Olympiad Village:  The parade and opening ceremony will introduce you to La Villita, site of the Olympiad Village. Passholders will have access to it. Food and drink vendors are on hand, and there is live entertainment daily. Sit and talk with people who are from around the world. It is not far from La Quinta and other host hotels. All walks start at La Quinta, and end at the Village where the stamping stations are located. The Village is central to your Olympiad experience with a large tent and wooden tables with hundreds of people from different countries.  It’s an experience!