Photos from Llano Earth Art Fest Walk on Mar 12th

Photos from Llano Earth Art Fest Walk on Mar 12th

Those of us who went to the Llano Earth Art Fest (LEAF) walk on March 12th had a wonderful time, and we have some nice pictures to share.

Dave Roberts of the Volkssportverein Friedrichsburg club was in charge of the walk, and he sent the picture above. Our walk route went across the bridge shown in the picture below, so we didn’t get to see the art installations at the festival up close. Thankfully, Dave took some amazing pictures on the festival grounds early the next morning and shared them with us!

Colorado River Walker Carol Obianwu worked the Start/Finish table, and Stephanie Knight took the picture below of her (in the front) with Bill and Sheila K. behind her.

Another CRW member, Deb Peak, took the next two pictures around town. There were several painted deer sculptures.

Below is another picture that Dave Roberts took. Wow!

Martin Callahan shared the next five pictures from the walk.

Below is a group of walkers in front of the Llano County Courthouse. Left to right are Doug E. with Rudy, Gayle W., Stephanie K. with Dolly, Phyllis E., Rose F., and Greg S. behind Rose.

Next are Tina B. with Rudy and John B. with Dolly outside of a local bakery.

Below is Martin with Dolly on the Roy B. Inks Bridge that spans the Llano River. The LEAF festival can be seen behind him on the banks of the river.

Martin took this next picture of Mike S. on the other side of the bridge using a telephoto lens.

Below is a picture of the workers at the Start/Finish table. Left to right are Carol O., Dave R., and Siba S.

The last set of pictures of the Llano Earth Art Fest were sent by Dave Roberts.

Quite impressive! Thanks to everyone for sharing their pictures.