Pictures from McKinney Falls State Park Walk on Feb 26th

Pictures from McKinney Falls State Park Walk on Feb 26th

The weather has been so beautiful lately that it is hard to remember how cold it was when we hosted our McKinney Falls State Park walk on February 26th. We didn’t take many pictures, so we are glad that Martin Callahan came to the walk, took pictures, and shared them with us.

The picture above shows Doug E. on the left, and Charley W. by the Upper McKinney Falls. Our area had gotten some recent rains, so the falls were flowing.

The picture below is of our intrepid workers at the Start/Finish location beside the Smith Visitor Center. Left to right are Larry J., Sandi H., Carol O., Charles R., Mary D., and Rosie P.

The next picture shows some of the displays inside the Smith Visitor Center.

Below are Rosie and Charles on the deck in back of the center, with Onion Creek in the background.

Next is a picture of a group of walkers at the checkpoint where Rick M. was working. Left to right are Doug E., Rick M., Charley W. and JohnDavid G. We appreciate Rick for sticking it out in the bitter cold!

Martin’s group met up with Colorado River Walkers Hal and Jean B. on the trail, and they stopped for a picture. Below, left to right, are JohnDavid, Hal, Charley, Jean and Doug.

After walking the first loop, the group returned to the Start/Finish. Martin snapped the picture below of Doug E. (on the left) and Linda G. by the IVV banner there.

Next is a picture of Carolyn D. working at the Finish table.

Below is a picture that Carol Obianwu took of Stephanie K. (on the left) and her daughter, Katie M., at the Start/Finish. Katie is holding her dog, French Fry, inside her jacket. He was cold!

Martin took the next picture of Onion Creek from the trail while starting out on the second loop of the route.

The walk route passed by “Old Baldy”, the 500-year-old Bald Cypress tree, which can be seen in the next picture. Left to right are JohnDavid and Doug in the foreground. Charley is further along the trail, passing by “Old Baldy.”

Deb P. braved the cold to be our human arrow and direct walkers to the Rock Shelter. She is shown below. Thank you, Deb!

The next picture shows, left to right, Martin, Charley and Doug in the prehistoric Rock Shelter.

Next is Doug along the trail leading to the Lower McKinney Falls.

Below is Charley at the lower falls

And for the last picture, the Lower McKinney Falls.

A big thanks to Martin for documenting our walk!