Pictures from Canyon of the Eagles Walk on Nov 13th

Pictures from Canyon of the Eagles Walk on Nov 13th

Martin Callahan shared these pictures with us from the Canyon of the Eagles walk on November 13th. We all enjoyed walking in the nature preserve and working at the Start/Finish near the shore of Lake Buchanan.

The picture above shows Colorado River Walkers club members (left to right) Carol O., Sam, Larry, Nelli, Stephanie, Carol C. and Theresa near the Start/Finish. Below are more club members at the checkpoint. Left to right are Sam, Frank with Rudy, Doug with Dolly, Mary and Sandi.

Next is Mike L. on the trail.

Below, JoAnn and Johnie L. pause for a picture on their walk.

The next picture shows the terrain in the park. Up ahead are Sam and Doug with Rudy, followed by Frank with Dolly.

Martin used a telephoto lens to take this picture of a tourist boat on Lake Buchanan.

Below, Doug and Dolly are taking a little break in a nice shady spot. One of the trail markers is on the right.

The picture below shows Colorado River Walker Greg S. on the trail.

Next are Mary D. and her daughter, Rosie, working the checkpoint.

Below is Charles R. on his way to the checkpoint.

Next are, from left to right, Carol C. and Kathy and Les S. enjoying lunch at the Start/Finish.

In this picture, Barbara J. (on the left) and Barbara P. are standing by the Colorado River Walkers club banner.

Below are Martin (with Dolly and Rudy) and Frank (on the right) near the Start/Finish. You can see the shore of Lake Buchanan behind them.

In this last picture, Kathy (on the left) and Carolyn are at the Finish table, checking walkers back in.

Thanks for sharing the pictures, Martin!