Meeting Minutes December 2021

Meeting Minutes December 2021

Meeting Minutes

Colorado River Walkers


CALL TO ORDER:  Carol O., president, called the meeting to order at 6:10 pm at Central Market upstairs dining area.  There were 20 members present.

MINUTES: The 11/08/2021 meeting minutes were previously sent by e-mail and not read.  A paper copy was provided to those present. The minutes were approved as sent.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Sam H. e-mailed a report of a total of $3,233.04 in the checking account at this time.


Austin Historical – 3w

Lady Bird Lake – 2w

Fairview Park – 3w

Georgetown – 30w

Belton – 1w

Brushy Creek – 1w/0bike

Pflugerville – 3w

Round Rock – 21w

Salado – 1w

Total = 65w, x $3 +$1 donation = $196


1. Stephanie K. reported that the CRW walks in conjunction with the TVA meeting at the Canyon of the Eagles 11/13/2021, all went smoothly.  She recognized David Roberts, TVA President, who developed the flyer, maps and directions for the walk at Canyon of the Eagles. .She thanked CRW members who helped make all the walks a success.  There were 30 walkers at the Fri. Georgetown YRE, 81 walkers at the Sat. Canyon of the Eagles event and 21 walkers at the Sun. Round Rock YRE.

2. Carol O. will apply for a Traveling Walk stamp for 2022.This stamp can be used at any time and will provide ability to lead a walk and get credit for any exploratory or other walks done on any day at any time from any location.  Please let Carol O. know if you would be interested in leading such a walk.  


1.  Each month Charles R. completes a graph of YRE walk statistics so that the areas of most and least interest/activity are easily identified. Carol O. passed around and discussed the latest report which has become more comprehensive over time. Thank you, Charles!

2. The next CRW sponsored walk will be held at McKinney Falls State Park on 2/26/2022.  Because of the 90 day requirement for posting on the web-site, this decision was made prior to the meeting.


Nelli A, – 150 events

Debra G. – 500 events

Deb P. – 700 events

The meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm.

Following the meeting, a Happy Birthday celebration for previous and longtime President, Joann Fries, was held. It was her 80th birthday! Happy Birthday was sung and delicious cake and reminiscences were shared by all.  

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Z., Secretary