Pictures from Violet Crown Walk on Sep 25th

Pictures from Violet Crown Walk on Sep 25th

Martin Callahan sent us some very nice pictures that he took on our “Violet Crown Trail via Dick Nichols Park” walk on September 25th. He captured lots of smiling faces among the workers and walkers. Thanks for sharing these, Martin!

Above are JoAnn and Johnie by our club banner, which was near the start point, and below are (left to right) Robert, Sheri, Linda and Siba with Gabe.

Next are Stephanie and Sam, seated, and Larry standing in the middle. Happy workers!

In the next picture, Frank, Doug and Mary (L to R) are getting things ready for walkers. Mary got supplies organized for the checkpoints and then worked a checkpoint.

Below, Carol (on the left) is explaining the map and directions to Marta and Reuben.

Below are Doug with Rudy (on the left) and Hal heading out on the walk.

Next are Pat (left) and Darlene on the trail.

Jean is working the first checkpoint at the entrance to the Karst Preserve in the picture below.

Below are Tina with Rudy and John by the signs at the Karst Preserve entrance.

Rudy enjoyed having another group of walkers come pose with him by the signs. Below, left to right, are Audrey, Suzanne, Mike (holding Rudy’s leash), Kathy and Pat.

Next is Martin with Rudy.

Below are Joe and Susan in the Karst Preserve. Joe is holding Q-tip’s leash. Behind them is an area that is fenced due to the caves and sinks in the preserve.

In the next picture, left to right, are Sean, Pat, Remy (in front), Marta, Reuben with Murphy, Doug (in back of the stroller), and Heidi. In the stroller is Kieran.

In this last picture, Les and Kathy are working the finish table.

We enjoyed the opportunity to share the trails and neighborhoods in this area with everyone!