A Few Photos from Violet Crown Walk on Sep 25th

A Few Photos from Violet Crown Walk on Sep 25th

Here are a few pictures taken at our “Violet Crown Trail via Dick Nichols Park” walk that we hosted on Saturday, September 25th.

We must have been busy, because we only took a few pictures. The photo above is of Robert H. (left), and our trail master for this walk, Carol O., at the Start/Finish.

We were fortunate to be able to set up the Start/Finish area at Dick Nichols Park, under a huge oak tree. The next three pictures were also taken at the Start/Finish.

Below are John and Tina B. enjoying some watermelon after the walk. Carol O. brought it, and we all appreciated it.

The next picture shows Charla (left) and Cheryl from San Antonio. This was Charla’s very first volksmarch!

Sandi (left) and Sam H. worked the Registration table at the Start/Finish all day. Here they are at the end of the walk.

Nelli Aguirre sent this last picture, which was taken on the trail. Below, left to right, are Nelli A., Paulette A., and Maggie S.

We appreciate all of our workers and walkers, and we hope that everyone enjoyed the walk!