Photos from Violet Crown Exploratory Walk on July 10th

Photos from Violet Crown Exploratory Walk on July 10th

We are excited about our next Traditional walk that the Colorado River Walkers club will be hosting. It will be on September 25th, and it will feature the Violet Crown Trail via Dick Nichols Park in southwest Austin.

Carol Obianwu is our trail master for this walk, and she has put a lot of work and hours into planning it. She has also led quite a few exploratory walks in the area to investigate possible walk routes. On July 10th, she led one of these walks. The ground was wet, and the sky was threatening rain, but we stayed dry.

We started our walk in Dick Nichols Park, and then we went on part of the Violet Crown Trail before going through a nice neighborhood close to the park.

In the picture above, Mary Z. (left) and Stephanie K. are walking on one of the quiet neighborhood streets. Below is a front yard on the same street overflowing with vegetation.


We came across this sign on the next street, right next to a swing in the front yard:


So, of course, we had to oblige! Here is Stephanie in the swing:


The trails through the wooded areas were beautiful. In the picture below, just off the trail, the ground in a low-lying area was saturated from recent rains.


Below are Carol O. (left) and Mary Z. on the trail where it goes on either side of a tree.


It was a very nice walk in an area definitely worth exploring. Thanks, Carol!