Shearer Hills/Ridgeview Walk on May 1st

Shearer Hills/Ridgeview Walk on May 1st

The San Antonio Pathfinders walking club will be hosting a brand new walk this coming Saturday, May 1st, on the north side of central San Antonio.  The walk will be in the unique Shearer Hills/Ridgeview neighborhoods, which have a definite mid-century vibe. These neighborhoods were developed in the 1950s in response to the high demand for single-family homes as World War II veterans were getting married and starting families.

For all the details on this walk, please see the brochure below.

The start point is at 809 Oblate Dr., San Antonio, Texas, 78216.  This is the large parking lot just across the street from the Oblate Café.

There will be a 6k and a 10k route available, both rated 2A.  Walkers may start between 8:00 am and 11:00 am and must finish by 2:00 pm.

Andy Thomas laid out the route, and in addition to the neighborhood streets, it includes a walking trail on the edge of the Olmos Basin, a hilltop that provides vistas both towards downtown San Antonio and in the opposite direction to Loop 410. Walkers also get to see the classic 1950s El Montan Motor Hotel on San Pedro Avenue. An interesting bit of information is that Shearer Hills was laid out by a prominent developer, H.J. Shearer, who named many of the streets after his daughter’s friends. Yep, there’s Barbara, Shannon and Sharon, to name a few.

We hope that you can come out and joins us for this interesting walk!