Photos from Lake Pflugerville Walk on Jan 23rd

Photos from Lake Pflugerville Walk on Jan 23rd

A group of us Colorado River Walkers met at Lake Pflugerville last Saturday, January 23rd, and we circled the lake on the Lake Pflugerville Trail.

Stephanie Knight and Carol Obianwu shared these pictures. Above, left to right, are Carol, Stephanie, Doug, Frank, Nelli and Mary.

It was an overcast day, but the weather was actually perfect for walking. Below are some more pictures from the walk.

The rocky shoreline of the lake.
We think these birds are American Coots.
Nelli, Frank and Doug on the trail.
Nelli, Mary, Doug, Carol and Frank paused for a picture.
Back on the trail!
An egret.
Beautiful red roses blooming in January!

It was a very pleasant walk, and we all enjoyed being able to visit with each other along the way!