Meeting Minutes January 2021

Meeting Minutes January 2021

The above photo is provided courtesy of Charles Rogers and was taken on an informal group walk of our CRW Fairview Park YRE on January 9th of this year. Left to right are Greg S, Mary D, Mary Z, Carol O and Nelli A.

Meeting Minutes

Colorado River Walkers


CALL TO ORDER:  Carol O., president, called the meeting to order at 3:10 pm at Central Market patio area. There were 05 members present.

MINUTES: The 11/08/2020 meeting minutes previously sent by email to each member were not read. There were no corrections and the minutes were approved. 

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Sam H. e-mailed a report of a total of $3,521.96 currently in the checking account.

YRE REPORT:  November 2020

Austin Historical – 5w

Lady Bird Lake – 3w

Fairview Park – 0w

Georgetown – 5w

Belton – 1w

Brushy Creek – 2w, 0 bike

Pflugerville – 0w

Round Rock – 2w

Salado – 2w

Total = 20w + $4 award = $64

YRE REPORT: December 2020                  

Austin Historical – 0w

Lady Bird Lake – 0w

Fairview Park – 3w

Georgetown – 6w

Belton – 0w

Brushy Creek – 0w, 0 bike

Pflugerville – 1w

Round Rock – 0w

Salado – 4w

Total = 14w = $42

Carol O. reported the number of YRE walkers in 2020 exceeded those in 2019 due mainly to the many walkers who went to San Antonio for the IML/Texas Trail Round Up and also came to Austin.

OLD BUSINESS:                         

1. The CRW sponsored walk event, Randy Morrow Trail, was held 11/14/2020. There were 56 participants. Three completed the 18km route.

2.  The next CRW sponsored walk, Caves Walk II, will be held 4/24/2021. Doug E., POC, reported he has mapped the routes so that less marking will be needed. Stephanie K. will assist Doug with the directions.

3.  As of 01/01/2021, the AVA has changed locations.  The new address is 1008 S. Alamo, San Antonio, TX 78210.


1.  The walker Registration Log will be revised with an additional slot for E3H participants. These are people who are referred by their physician and are in need of additional exercise.

2. A Memorial Book recognizing those members who passed away during the year was not completed for the 2020 Memorial Walk held 12/31/2020 in Fredericksburg.  Those from CRW were Jo Trautman , Mary Helen Quinn, Margaret Chalmers, and Ursula Brinkmann.  Their names will be included in the 2021 Book.

3. TVA is having a virtual meeting on 02/06/2021 in lieu of the usual on-site meeting.  An e-mail link will be sent later for those who would like to participate.  Agenda items include:

* Selection of San Antonio for the 2023 Olympiad and the 2023 IML.  The events will be held on successive weekends.

* Selection of the Southwest Regional Director and the TVA president.

* Recognition of Southwest Region members as the biggest contributors to the Big Give.

4.  A special AVA Zoom meeting will be he held 3/15/2021 for clubs to vote on necessary changes to the AVA by-laws to reflect Texas law.  CRW members unanimously voted to approve the changes.  Carol O. will convey this approval at the AVA Zoom meeting 3/15/2021.  For more information see the January Checkpoint

5.  The E3H program started 01/01/2021, and is an effort to attract new walkers to AVA events. This program accepts referrals from physicians who in turn direct them to an AVA club in their respective areas.  CRW has had one such walker in Georgetown. There is no charge to the participant, but the Registration Log must be signed. E3H will reimburse AVA for each person who signed the Registration Log. CRW will receive $1 from AVA for each walker. Carol O. will put these individuals on an e-mail list to notify them of future events and invite them to join our club.

6. The next CRW sponsored event walk, Johnson Creek and Butler Trails, will be held 2/20/2021. The routes will consist of two 5km loops. The flyer has been completed and is ready for distribution.

7. Debra G. reported she is continuing to do the Texas County walks. Since she started sometime after the initiation of the program, she is concerned that she may not be able to complete all 254 counties.


Nelli Aguirre – 500 kilometers.            

The meeting adjourned at 4:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Zeitler Secretary