Bandera Walk on Saturday, Oct 3rd

Bandera Walk on Saturday, Oct 3rd

The Hill Country Volkssportsverein invites walkers to come out and enjoy their Bandera Cowboy Capital of the World Walk on Saturday, October 3rd. This is their Year Round Event in Bandera, and they will be at the start point to help walkers get started with the walk.

Local club members will be on the porch of the Bandera County Convention and Visitors Bureau at 126 Highway 16 in Bandera between 8:00 and 10:00 am to get you out on the trail.

They will observe social distancing and safe procedures. You are encouraged to bring water, hand sanitizer and facemask.

Walkers have the option of a 5K, which follows the Medina River, traverses a trail and continues along city streets past numerous historic buildings, including the Bandera County Courthouse.

The 10K passes the Frontier Times Museum and includes an outlying subdivision.

This is a great opportunity to enjoy this beautiful fall weather out in the Hill Country!