Onion Creek Neighborhood Walk

Onion Creek Neighborhood Walk

Hi, Colorado River Walkers and all you other walkers out there! This is Stephanie, your webmaster, and I’m sharing pictures from my neighborhood walk with you today. If you would like to send me pictures from your neighborhood walks, I’d be happy to post them on our website for others to see. My email address is on our Contacts and Links page.

I personally feel very lucky to be living in the best neighborhood in Austin: Onion Creek! We are on the southeast side of Austin, Texas, and everything is so beautiful and green right now.

On my walk today I passed by Barbara Browne’s house. I always admire her yard when I walk by; she has the prettiest flower beds in the neighborhood. She was out mowing, and I asked if I could feature her yard in this post. She agreed, so I am very happy to be able to share these pictures!

The photo above is a close up of her Easter egg decorations surrounded by snapdragons and other greenery.

Onion Creek yard with bunny statue
A sweet bunny statue in Barb’s yard.
Onion Creek yard with garden fairy statue
I love this little garden fairy by the ironwork with the surrounding shrubs and flowers.
Onion Creek yard with bluebonnets
Here is a view of the full flowerbed on one side of Barb’s driveway.
Onion Creek yard with yellow iris
And here are some beautiful yellow iris plants and daisies along the front sidewalk.

Thank you for sharing your Easter decorations and beautiful flowers with us, Barb!

I took a few more pictures of other yards on my walk today, too. Below is a pretty front yard of a home with a fountain and lighted walkway, with a view of the courtyard.

Onion Creek yard with fountain

I took this picture below of Barb’s neighbor’s yard. They have a bunny decoration tucked in there, too, with some colorful flowers.

Onion Creek yard with vase and flowers