Meeting Minutes September 2019

Meeting Minutes September 2019

Meeting Minutes

Colorado River Walkers

September 9, 2019

CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order by President, Carol O. at 6:40 pm at the Mueller HEB meeting room. Ten members were present.

MINUTES: The 8/12/2019 meeting minutes were previously emailed to all members and were not read at the meeting due to the absence of secretary, Barb B.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Sam H. reported a total of $3,325.13 in the CRW checking as of 08/31/2019.

August 2019

  • Austin Historical – 14w
  • Lady Bird Lake – 5w
  • Fairview – 2w
  • Georgetown – 0w
  • Brushy Creek – 5w, 0 bikers
  • Pflugerville – 0w
  • Round Rock – 0w
  • Salado – 0w
  • Belton – 2w

Total = 28 w    Total $84.00

1. Charles R. has been tabulating monthly YRE statistics for the last few years.  For 2019, he noted that participation was lowest for the following YREs: Brushy Creek =16; Fairview =19; Belton=20; Round Rock=20.  

2.  Doug E. presented a map of his vision of the updating and revision of the Brushy Creek YRE.  His aim is to make the walk(s) more interesting and to offer more choices. The proposed revision offers four 6k loops with different start points, parking and restrooms.  Everyone would sign up at the YMCA, the current start point.  Depending on the choice made, walkers would then drive to the various start points.  Sam H. suggested adding a 10k route that would start at the YMCA.  After discussion, it was determined that this could be done.


It is with great sadness that we announce the death of a long time CRW member, Paula Wiesner.  She supported CRW and participated in many walks throughout the years.


1. Terri S. has been working on a CRW Facebook Page. A discussion took place on how to access the site and how to post a message.  More information is needed for members to learn how to use the site.

2. AVA Certificates of Appreciation were given to Kathy and Les Stratemann and Stephanie Knight for their continuing contributions to CRW for the 2017-2019biennium.

3.  CRWs Sunrise Event was held Sat. Aug 24th at the Extended Stay America. There were 17 walkers that helped make the event a success, despite the heat.

4. The next CRW walking event will be Sept 28th, Walnut Creek Park to Balcones District Park.  Carol O. provided and discussed the map routes.  Since there is no way to deviate from the paved routes, directions will not be necessary. A sigh-up sheet was passed around for those wishing to volunteer to staff the event.  If anyone not at the meeting would like to sign up, please contact Carol O. The workers walk will be Sunday, 9/15/2019 at 8:00 am. It will start at pavilion at Walnut Creek Park..


1.  Carol O. has ink left over from her previous printer – HP901. If you can use this, please contact her.

2. The Starting Point book for 2020 is being printed.  Those wanting a copy, let Carol O. know. The cost is $20, if ordered through the CRW. She must have your request by 9/20/2019. This book lists all the YREs in the US.

3.  The last walk event for 2019 will be at Yarabee Bend Park at Onion Creek.

4.  REI will no longer sponsor the Opt Outside walk the day after Thanksgiving.  CRW may still sponsor a group walk on that day.

5. Kathy and Les Stratemann have graciously offered to host the CRW Christmas party at their home on 12/09/2019. Thank you both!

6. Stephanie K. is beginning to develop a new CRW website using a new platform that is less expensive than the one currently in use. She has been in contact with Susan I., Texas Trail Roundup, who is experienced in this area. Stephanie will continue with this project. Anyone with experience with web site development and would like to help in this project, please contact Stephanie.  

The meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm.

Next meeting: Oct. 14, 2019

Future Walks:

Seguin – Sat. 9/14/2019 – Day at the Lazy U

Fredericksburg – Sat. 9/21/2019 – Old Bat Tunnel

Austin –9/28/2019 – Walnut Creek Park to Balcones District Park via Northern Creek Trail

Garden Ridge – Sat. 10/15/2019 Gambol in Garden Ridge

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Z., for Barbara B., Secretary