Meeting Minutes June 2024

Meeting Minutes June 2024

Colorado River Walker Terry Sullivan attended the Founders’ Day walk in the picturesque town of Fredericksburg this month and shared the photo above. Pretty!

Meeting Minutes

Colorado River Walkers


President Carol O. called the meeting to order at 6:07 pm in the upstairs dining area at Central Market.  There were 7 members present.

MINUTES: The 04/08/2024 meeting minutes were previously sent by e-mail and not read.  The minutes were approved as sent.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Terry S. sent written reports for May and June of 2024. The ending balance for May was $2748.


Austin Historical (Capital) – 4w

Lady Bird Lake – 2w

Georgetown – 1w

Belton – 1w

Fairview – 0w

Brushy Creek – 0w/0bike

Pflugerville – 2w

Salado – 2w

Round Rock – 0w

Total = 12w x $4 = $48.00


1. The location for the Sunrise Walk scheduled for 7/20/2024 was discussed. Due to anticipated very hot weather in July, it was suggested that Barton Creek Mall be used.  Terry S. volunteered to contact the Mall regarding this issue

2. The 2025 AVA Convention will be held in Las Cruces, New Mexico April 29 – May 2, 2025.  There will be area walks pre and post the convention. See the Checkpoint for further information.

3. Renewal of CRW’s nine YREs is due at the end of August. A discussion took place regarding renewing them all or deleting non performers.  A person is needed to be in charge of the walk boxes in Georgetown, Salado, and Belton. If interested, please contact Carol O.

4. A walk being planned in Gonzales by Charley W. may need our help when the walk is scheduled.

5. Future walk sites were discussed.

            a. Carol O. revisited Moya Park that has some new additions. It is on the south side of Austin and easier for people from San Antonio to get to.

            b. Stephanie K. discussed a potential/future walk location at Plum Creek at Lake Kyle Park.  It is currently being developed.

            c. Park of Bee Cave where several club members walked this summer is another potential walk site.

6. After discussion, the following CRW members were elected for the next term:

            a. Carol O. will continue as President.

            b. Larry J. – Vice President.

            c. Terry S.- Secretary and Treasurer

UPCOMING  INTERESTING  EVENTS:  For further information please see the CRW and AVA websites.

The meeting adjourned at 7:20 pm

Respectively submitted,

Mary Z., Secretary