Meeting Minutes September 2023

Meeting Minutes September 2023

The above picture of Deb P. was taken at the New Braunfels walk in June. Martin Callahan took the photo and shared it with us.

Meeting Minutes

Colorado River Walkers


President Carol O. called the meeting to order at 6:09 pm at the Central Market upstairs dining area. There were 7 members present.

MINUTES: The 8/14/2023 meeting minutes were previously sent by e-mail and not read. The minutes were approved as sent.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Terry S. reported $2996.89 was on hand 09/01/2023. A report of expenses and assets was presented and discussed.


Austin Historical – 1w

Lady Bird Lake – 1w

Fairview Park – 1w

Georgetown – 1w

Belton – 0w

Brushy Creek – 2w/0 bike

Pflugerville – 1w

Round Rock – 3w

Salado – 1w

Total = 11 x $3 = $33


1. Three CRW members were recognized by AVA for their contributions to our club during the past two years:  Linda D. received her award at the 8/2023 meeting. Stephanie K., Meritorious Award, and Deb P., Commendable Award, were present at this meeting and were presented with their awards. Congratulation to all three of you for the service provided to CRW and AVA during the previous two years.

2. Carol O. and Larry J. have been diligently working on an upgrade to the CRW Membership List.  Members who were not current with their dues and life time members who had not participated in club activities in many years were contacted. 

3. The next sponsored CRW walk, Zilker Neighborhood Revisited. will be held 9/23/2023. The flyer has been completed and distributed.  Stephanie K. completed a map of the 6km and 10km routes.  The routes are similar to those in 2015, with changes to some areas. Charles R. and Mary D. have walked the route to fine tune the walk routes and directions.  Discussion took place regarding a donation to the Community of Christ Church, the start point.  A donation box for the Church will be placed on the registration table.  CRW may add to the donations, if needed. Workers are asked to park on the street to allow parking for walkers.  A schedule for volunteers to staff the walk was passed around.

4. Officers of CRW have received scam e-mails requesting gift cards.  This has been going on for a number of years.  AVA has been contacted and are working on a resolution.  Stephanie K. has changed the e-mail address for CRW to to help alleviate this problem. 

5. After discussion of the donation amount for the Big Give, the amount of $250 was approved by unanimous vote of members present.


1.  Charles Watt, a walker who lives in Cost would like to help develop a walk in Gonzales.  Because of the distance to Gonzales, it is not feasible for Austin to be in charge of a walk in that location.  Previous walks in that area have been sponsored by clubs in San Antonio.

2. The next TVA meeting will be held in the Dallas area on Nov. 10, 11 & 12, 2023.  The associated walks will be in memory of the assassination of JFK. In the event that Carol O. cannot attend to represent CRW, a delegate would be needed to take her place.  Deb P. stated she would be attending and could carry out this duty if needed.

3. A future CRW scheduled walk event will be held 11/18/2023. If anyone is interested in developing this event walk or other walks, please contact Carol O.

4. Walks for 2024 will be in Feb. and April.


Nelli Aguirre – 225 events

Linda Dennis – 525 events

UPCOMING EVENTS:   For info, please see the AVA and CRW websites.

The Meeting adjourned at 7:05 pm

Respectively submitted,

Mary Z., Secretary