Pictures from Guerrero Park Walk on Mar 4th

Pictures from Guerrero Park Walk on Mar 4th

Martin Callahan attended our Guerrero Park and Montopolis Bridge walk on March 4th of this year and shared these photos with us from that day. It was a beautiful day in south Austin!

Above are Charley W. (left) and John David G. with Rudy on a shady part of the trail. Below are, left to right, Ellen O., Suzanne M., and Audrey V. starting out on the walk.

Next are a few pictures taken by the historic Montopolis Bridge. First is Mary D. below, petting Rudy.

Below is Martin C. on the bridge holding Rudy. John David and Charley are walking up behind him.

Last is Mary Z. on the bridge.

Here is a nice shot of the Austin skyline taken along the walk route.

Below is Charles R. working the checkpoint.

We all enjoyed walking through Circle Acres, a nature preserve managed by Ecology Action. The next few pictures were taken there. The first shows Doug E. with Rudy by an interesting object (or trail marker?) along the walking path.

In the picture below, Doug with Rudy and John David are walking through the preserve.

The final set of pictures were taken at the Start/Finish. Below is Terry S. working registration.

Next are Mario and his little sister petting Rudy.

Last is a group picture of some of the Colorado River Walkers who worked the walk and friends. Standing, left to right, are Sam H., Carol O., Charley W., Doug E., and Rick M. Seated are Linda D., on the left, and Stephanie K.

As they say, it takes a village! We are grateful for our workers, walkers and picture takers!