Pictures from Hardberger Park Walk on Mar 12th

Pictures from Hardberger Park Walk on Mar 12th

The Randolph Roadrunners hosted a walk in San Antonio recently at Phil Hardberger Park. Charley Watt, Jr. attended the walk and shared these pictures with us. The picture above shows the Skywalk at one of the highest points. The Skywalk starts at ground level and gently ascends to about 18 feet above the ground, where you are up in the treetops.

This walk was one of the Randolph Roadrunners famous “Pi Day” walks in celebration of Pi Day, and it took place on two separate days, Sunday (March 12th) and Tuesday (March 14th). Walkers got to enjoy the nice wooded trails in the park, the Skywalk, and the Robert L.B. Tobin Land Bridge. And they got a free small pie!

In case you missed this walk, you can do the Year Round Event (YRE) version of their “Land Bridge – Hardberger Park” walk on a day that is convenient for you. Just be aware that this YRE is an Online Start Box event only, so you have to register online in advance.

Below is a selfie that Charley took on a lower part of the Skywalk.

Next is a picture of the Tobin Land Bridge, which connects the two sides of the park. The picture is taken from the side, showing the arch over Wurzbach Parkway.

The last three pictures were taken along the wooded trails in the park.

Thanks for sharing the pictures, Charley!