Pictures from Berry Springs Walk on Sep 24th

Pictures from Berry Springs Walk on Sep 24th

Martin Callahan attended our club’s walk at the Berry Springs Park and Preserve on September 24th, and he shared his pictures from that day with us. The park is near Georgetown, Texas, and our club was happy to be able to host a walk there. The park and preserve contains scenic woods, ponds and grasslands, with several viewing areas dedicated to observing wildlife. There is also a historic compound and signs that provide information on the history of the area and the people who lived there.

Above is Sandi H. with Rudy walking in the pecan grove, and below is Martin with both Rudy (left) and Dolly by the historic cemetery and the grave of John Berry, the park’s namesake.

Below are, left to right, John Z. with Rudy, Brenda Z. with Dolly, and Sandi and Sam H. by the historic compound that is home to the two donkeys that live onsite.

Next is a picture of Dolly (left) and Rudy on the aquatic viewing platform taking a little break in the shade.

Below, Sandi H. is walking Rudy on the boardwalk, another shady section of the trail.

Mary Z. worked the checkpoint, and she is shown below waiting for the next walkers to arrive.

The rest of the pictures were taken at the pavilion in the park where the Start/Finish was located.

Below are Ellen O. (left) and Deb P. at the Finish table. Deb was our trail master and laid out the nice route for us.

Carol O. is stamping a book at the Finish table in this next picture.

In the last picture, Sam H. (left) and Stephanie K. are relaxing as the walk was winding down.

It was a very enjoyable event, and we thank all the walkers and workers who participated, and a big Thank You to Martin for taking these pictures!