Photos from South Texas Med Center “Indie Memorial” Walk on Aug 20th

Photos from South Texas Med Center “Indie Memorial” Walk on Aug 20th

Several Colorado River Walkers went on the “Indie Memorial” walk at the South Texas Medical Center in San Antonio last Saturday, August 20th.

Above, seated on the bench left to right, are Sandi H., Stephanie K. (with Dolly and Rudy) and Gayle W. taking a little break on the walk. Doug E. is standing behind them. Martin Callahan shared this photo with us, as well as the next seven pictures.

The Start/Finish was in a parking area, and below are, left to right, Robert T., Gayle W., Doug E., Kathy S., Mike S., Robin F. and Gerry T. at the start table.

Next are Mike and Kathy S. manning the start table. We appreciate them and the San Antonio Pathfinders for featuring this walk and making it happen!

Sandi H. (left) and Gayle W. found a fun sign below. It gets the point across!

Next are Doug E. with Rudy and Gayle W. with Dolly by the sculpture titled “Physician and Daughter.” It is dedicated to Debra “Chester” Kalter-Chartove, MD.

Doug and Gayle (with their same respective doggies) are shown below by the “Wings of Hope – Hands of Healing” sculpture.

The same intrepid duo (with the same doggies!) are hoofing it on the shady walking trail in this next picture.

Below are Martin with Rudy and Gayle with Dolly at the Memorial Park Cemetery on the grounds of the University of Texas School of Health Science Center.

The photo below was taken by Gayle Weinraub towards the end of the walk. She snapped a picture of Martin C. (left) with Dolly and Doug E. pointing fingers. Looks like they were having fun! Doug is holding Rudy’s leash. If you look closely enough, you can see Rudy under the bench behind Dolly.

The next picture was taken by Stephanie Knight after the walk at Martha’s Mexican Grill. Sandi and Sam H. are relaxing after the walk and ready to have lunch. Sam was being a goofball!

We enjoyed the walk and the company!

Lastly, here is a poster with some pictures of Indie, Martin Callahan’s beloved dog. This walk is dedicated to the memory of Indie, a faithful friend!