Pictures from Founders’ Day Walk in Fredericksburg, Jun 11th

Pictures from Founders’ Day Walk in Fredericksburg, Jun 11th

Martin Callahan attended the Founders’ Day Walk in Fredericksburg on June 11, 2022, and he shared these pictures from the walk with us.

The National Museum of the Pacific War is located in Fredericksburg, with multiple exhibits about the Asiatic-Pacific Theater in World War II. The picture above shows Colorado River Walker Stephanie K. with the Admiral Nimitz Gallery of the museum behind her.

Another one of the exhibits of the museum is the Pacific Combat Zone Living History Battlefield. While passing by the battlefield on the walk route, Martin took the next very impressive photo below of a reenactment of a US Marine Combat Assault Team attacking a tough Japanese fortification with an M2-2 flamethrower.

The next picture is of the George H. W. Bush Gallery, also a part of the National Museum of the Pacific War, on the walk route.

The Start/Finish for the walk was at the Kinder Halle pavilion at the Marktplatz (Market Square) in Fredericksburg. Below is David R. working at the Start/Finish. He is the president of the walking club that hosted the walk, the Volkssportverein Friedrichsburg club.

Also at the Marktplatz, Martin C. is shown below with Rudy (left) and Dolly, with some beautiful gardens in the background. He is standing by the sculpture titled “Lasting Friendship” by J. Hester about the treaty between John O. Meusebach and Comanche Chief Santanna that took place on 9 May 1847.

Next are Jill T., Michael Ann E., and Jackie B. on the trail along the Marktplatz (Market Square).

Below is John P. with Rudy (left) and Dolly in front of the old St Mary’s Church which was built during the Civil War in 1863. This beautiful church is a fine example of the Gothic style, with the pointed-arch windows and stone buttresses.

The next picture shows Wayne H. on the walk near the check point.

Mike S. worked the checkpoint below and provided a much welcome rest with cold water for walkers.

Siba S. worked the finish table. She is shown below on the right helping Stephanie K. with her books.

Thanks for sharing the pictures, Martin, and thanks to the workers who made the walk happen!