Pictures from LBL Walk on Jul 2nd

Pictures from LBL Walk on Jul 2nd

Our Colorado River Walkers club featured our Lady Bird Lake Year Round Event on Saturday, July 2nd, and we enjoyed getting to see old friends. The picture above, taken from the walk route, shows the Longhorn Dam.

The walk Start/Finish was at the Camacho Activity Center. Below are a few pictures taken there.

Terry S. (left) is in town for a while, and we are glad to have her back! Here she is with Carol O.
Paulette A. (left) and Nelli A. did the walk early!
Pat G. (left) and Ellen O. after their walk. Ellen is enjoying some ice cold watermelon that Carol O. brought.
Clay B. (left) was visiting from Washington and did the walk. He is at the S/F with Stephanie K. in this picture.
Carol O. (left) is with Holly D. at the start table.

The rest of the pictures were taken on the new shorter walk route that Carol O. added for this event. She wanted to offer this alternative due to the heat. Below is a picture of the thriving vegetables at the garden plots.

Next is a pretty purple house with beautiful Pride of Barbados flowers out front.

Next is a house with a really cool mural on the gate.

Finally, the first 3D-printed house in Austin, House Zero, was on this new walk route. A picture of it is below.

Thanks to everyone who came to the walk, the workers, and to Carol O. for all the work she put into it!