Pictures from Bastrop Walk on Apr 30th

Pictures from Bastrop Walk on Apr 30th

Martin Callahan came to our “Artistic Bastrop and the El Camino Real de los Tejas” walk on April 30th and shared these pictures from the walk with us. Above, left to right, are Charley W., JohnDavid G. with Dolly, Frank E., and Doug E. with Rudy. They are standing by a statue of an elk in front of the Art Institute of Austin.

Below is Colorado River Walker Larry J., who was working in the parking area near the Bastrop Public Library. He directed walkers to the walk Start/Finish at Fisherman’s Park.

The next picture shows (L to R) Maggie R., Edwin B., Barbara P. and Marilyn B. by a sculpture of an African antelope by Dan Pogue. They were on their way from the parking area by the library to the walk Start/Finish. You can see the Bastrop Public Library behind them.

Colorado River Walkers were working at the Start/Finish table. Below (L to R) are Stephanie K., Mary D., Rosie P., Carolyn D. and Sam H. Happy faces all around!

Carol O. was handing out maps and directions and getting walkers started in the right direction. She’s making it all happen in the picture below.

The next picture shows Martin C. with Rudy (on the left) and Dolly by a historical granite marker on the walk route.

Gayle W. with Rudy is standing in front of the old Bastrop County Jail in the picture below. Dolly is hanging out on the grass on the left, just chillin’.

Next are Suzanne M. (on the left) and Audrey V. by a statue of a firefighter and monument dedicated to the members of the Bastrop Fire Department.

Colorado River Walker Nelli A. worked the checkpoint. Here she is in the picture below greeting walkers.

Below are Marta and Reuben K. sitting on a bench on the walk route. Their daughter, Heidi R., is standing behind them holding one of her children. It looks like a nice and shady spot to take a break!

The last picture shows Charley W. (left) and JohnDavid G. in front of a pretty mural near the Start/Finish.

Thank you to everyone who came to our walk, to all the volunteers who worked the walk, and to our photographer, Martin!