Historic Gonzales Walk on Sat, Sept 18

Historic Gonzales Walk on Sat, Sept 18

The Randolph Roadrunners will be hosting their Historic Gonzales walk this coming Saturday, September 18th. Gonzales is a remarkable small town, steeped in history, and the site of the first skirmish of the Texas Revolution.

Martin Callahan shared these photos that were taken on the Gonzales walk in late December of 2012. The picture above shows Doug E. and Indie in front of the Jailhouse Museum and Chamber of Commerce. This is the walk start point, and the address is 414 Saint Lawrence, Gonzales, TX 78629.

The picture below shows Doug and Indie in front of the courthouse.

This next picture is of Doug and Indie by the Gonzales Memorial Museum and Amphitheatre.

Next are Martin and Indie in front of the Eggleston Cabin, and the photo following this one shows the plaque for the cabin.

Below is a picture of Doug and Indie in front of another historic home, the John Fauth House.

The Randolph Roadrunners hosted this walk earlier this year, in February, but it was right after the ice storm hit Texas, and most of us were not able to participate in that walk.

We are glad to have the opportunity to do the walk this weekend and enjoy the historic monuments, museums and beautiful old houses in Gonzales. The drive from Austin is a little over an hour, or so, and the walk start window is from 9:00 am until Noon.

Please see the walk brochure below for all the details.

Thanks, Martin, for sharing the pictures!