Photos from North Star Mall walk on Sep 4th

Photos from North Star Mall walk on Sep 4th

Colorado River Walker Stephanie K. went on the North Star Mall walk in San Antonio last Saturday, September 4th, and took these pictures. Enjoy!

Below are a few pictures from the registration table at the Taco Cabana. The first is Gail, looking cheerful with her smiley face socks and earrings!

In the next picture, standing on the left is Martin, and at the registration table are, left to right, Ellen, Susan, and John.

Below, left to right, Robert, Gerry, Sheri and Michael stopped for a picture.

Sheri by some colorful streamers!

Next is Andy on the upper level.

Gail and Martin along the trail.

Below is Susan on the walk in the mall.

And some nice greenery by the Saks Fifth Avenue entrance.

It was a beautiful mall, great to be walking in air conditioning, and fun to visit with everyone!