Meeting Minutes July 2021

Meeting Minutes July 2021

Charles Rogers took the photo above at this month’s CRW club meeting on July 12th.

Meeting Minutes

Colorado River Walkers


CALL TO ORDER:  Carol O., president, called the meeting to order at 6:15 pm at Central Market patio area. There were 14 members present.

MINUTES: The 05/10/2021 meeting minutes were previously sent by e-mail and not read.  A paper copy was provided to those who requested it.  The minutes were approved as written.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Sam H. e-mailed a report of a total of $3,777.85 in the checking account at this time.  The annual treasury report was signed by Carol O., president, and Mary Z., secretary. The report will be submitted to AVA, as required.


  • Austin Historical – 5w
  • Lady Bird Lake – 6w
  • Fairview Park – 0w
  • Georgetown – 0w
  • Belton – 0w
  • Brushy Creek – 2w/0bike
  • Pflugerville – 3w
  • Round Rock – 0w
  • Salado – 0w

Total = 16 x $3 +$5 donation = $53


1. Terry S., the CRW’s delegate to the AVA Convention, participated in all meeting and workshops.  She gave the following report:

  • The $100 CRW donation to the Silent Auction was well received.
  • The next AVA convention will be held 2/2023 in San Antonio in conjunction with the 2023 Olympiad and the IML walks.
  • AVA needs updating to include better use of electronics/social media. There is a big push for all walks to take advantage of and convert to Online Start Boxes.
  • The booklets with awards and necrology were passed around.
  • Overall, the convention was a success with many good walks.

2. The new officers elected to head AVA until the next convention in 2023 are:

  • Chair: Nancy Wittenberg
  • Vice Chair: Susan Medlin
  • Secretary: Cecelia Miner
  • Treasurer: Ed McCabe
  • Southwest Regional Director: Helen Hull
  • Deputy Southwest Regional Director: Andy Thomas

3. The new TAV President is David Roberts who lives in Fredericksburg.

4. A meeting for the Regional Directors and Deputy Regional Directors will be held in two weeks. In conjunction with the meeting a walk will be held on 7/24.  Everyone is encouraged to attend the walk.


1. CRW will sponsor a Sunrise Walk on 8/28/2021.  After discussion, it was decided to use the Lady Bird YRE.

The route will remain the same, but the start point will be changed to Lorraine “Grandma” Camacho Activity Center, 35 Robert T. Martinez Jr. Street, where there are ample restrooms and parking.

2. The next scheduled CRW sponsored walk will be held 9/25/2021.  After much scouting around by Carol O. and others, it was decided to use Dick Nichols Park as the start point for the walk.

3. The next TVA meeting will be held at Canyon of the Eagles near Burnet on 11/13/2021.  David Roberts, TVA President, has asked CRW to man the affiliated walk event. Deb. P. spoke with David R. about the particulars of the walk.  He will map out the routes with CRW staffing the start/finish and checkpoints. This walk would be in lieu of the CRW walk scheduled for 11/20/2021.

4. Carol C. has been storing a banner of medals earned by late member Bunker Elhert as well as a number of Club notebooks of past newsletters and other memorabilia. She had hoped to give them to the AVA and the Austin History Center respectively when feasible. She can no longer store the items.  Charles R. agreed to store the banner and Stephanie K. agreed to store the notebooks until they can be passed on to the appropriate place.    


Mary Dougherty: 30 & 50 events

                              500 kilometers

Charles Rogers: 250 events

Nelli Aguirre: 100 events

Debra Galloway: 450 events 

The meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm.

 Respectfully, submitted,

Mary Z., Secretary

Upcoming events:

7/17/2021 Universal City YRE Sunrise Walk

7/24/2021 San Antonio walk affiliated with AVA meeting