Pictures from Joshua Springs Walk on May 8th

Pictures from Joshua Springs Walk on May 8th

Martin Callahan shared the photos that he took at the Joshua Springs walk with us, and we’re glad to be able to share them here.

Above are Colorado River Walkers Stephanie K. (left) and Nelli A. by a plaque near the walk start point.

Below is a nice shot of John P. on the trail.


Next is Martin with Rudy on the observation deck by the lake. Ring Mountain is visible in the background.


The Event Center on the top of Ring Mountain can be seen in the distance in the next picture.


Below, left to right, are Darlene O., Jill T. with Rudy, and Pat G. working the checkpoint.


Gayle and Rudy are at a scenic bend in the trail in this next picture.


Below, Martin and Rudy are next to a bird blind that was used for observing birds. It was named in honor of Ron Hood, Master Naturalist Birder. Among the birds that can be viewed in this area are the Great Blue Heron, the Greater Roadrunner, the Golden-Cheeked Warbler, and the Red-Shouldered Hawk.


Martin took this beautiful photo of a cactus flower along the walk trail.


Gerry K. and Linda G. working at the finish table:


Another Colorado River Walker, Deb P., is on the left in the next picture. Then, left to right, are Gerry, Linda and Robert T. The funds raised by selling food at this event went to the worthy cause of maintaining the historic Lane Valley School.


Below are Ellen O. and Mike H. by the dedication plaque for the the Texas Recreation & Parks Account Program Project in 2011.


The cooks for the school fundraiser were Richard B. (left) and Clinton B. below. It was wonderful to be able to have a great burger after the walk!


Below are (left to right) John B., Gayle W., and Tina B. enjoying their burgers, with Rudy hanging out under the table.


Thanks, Martin!