Meeting Minutes May 2021

Meeting Minutes May 2021

The photo above of Doug Eide on the Texas Caves walk in April was provided courtesy of Martin Callahan.

Meeting Minutes

Colorado River Walkers


CALL TO ORDER:  Carol O., president, called the meeting to order at 6:15 pm at Central Market patio area. There were 9 members present.

MINUTES: The 04/12/2021 meeting minutes were previously sent by e-mail and not read.  A paper copy was provided to those who requested it.  The minutes were approved as written.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Sam H. e-mailed a report of a total of $3,876.99 in the checking account at this time. Carol O. stated that the two biggest yearly expenditures were for a post office box rental and for the CRW web-site.


  • Austin Historical – 1w
  • Lady Bird Lake – 0w
  • Fairview Park – 0w
  • Georgetown – 6w
  • Belton – 2w

  • Brushy Creek – 0w/0bike
  • Pflugerville – 3w
  • Round Rock – 21w
  • Salado – 10w

Total = 43w (2 coupons) x $3 +$11 donation = $134

Deb P. has taken on the responsibility as the POC for the YRE’S in Belton, Salado, and Georgetown. She has walked all three YREs and will make recommendations for future changes as well as keeping the box supplied. The start location for the Salado YRE was discussed, but no action was taken.


1. The Texas Caves Walk spearheaded by Doug E .and Stephanie K. was held on 4/24/2021. Sixty-nine walkers enjoyed a great walk on a beautiful day.  There were $11 in donations. Stephanie thanked all who helped to make the walk a success. Greg S. was thanked for his efforts in publicizing the event.  


1.  Larry J. presented the following slate of officers for the coming year: President – Carol O., Vice President – Stephanie K., Secretary – Mary Z., and Treasurer – Sam H.  There were no nominations from the floor.  The slate was accepted and approved unanimously. Thank you, Doug E., for serving as Vice President during the last term.

2. For the upcoming convention, Carol O. will submit the names for the Memory Book of the six CRW members who passed away since the last convention.

3.  At each convention a Silent Auction is held. Clubs are encouraged to provide items for this event.  In lieu of finding and sending items, CRW elected to send a $100 donation.   

4. The next area walk is a YRE at Salado Creek in San Antonio.  Because this walk is not an event, Carol O. suggested we walk closer to home. After discussion, it was decided to walk the YRE in Pflugerville. Start time will be 8:30am at the Pflugerville Recreation Center, 400 Immanuel Road on Saturday, May15th.

The meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm.

 Respectfully submitted,

Mary Z., Secretary