Photos from Texas Caves Walk on Apr 24th

Photos from Texas Caves Walk on Apr 24th

Our Colorado River Walkers club hosted the “Texas Caves” walk in Cedar Park on April 24th, and we enjoyed being able to share the beauty of the cave preserves with everyone. The photo above was taken by Martin Callahan at the walk Start/Finish point at Westside Elementary School. From left to right are Larry, Mary, Rosie, Charles, Gayle, Doug with Rudy, and Frank.

Martin shared these pictures with us, and we’re glad he made the drive from San Antonio and photographed the walk!

Rosie with Rudy near the walk start.
Sam, Carol and Sandi (seated) worked the Registration table at Elizabeth Milburn Park.
From left to right, Frank, Doug with Rudy, and Gayle on the hill overlooking the quarry ponds.
Jill on the trail!
Mary Z. worked the first checkpoint.
Also at the first checkpoint, Charles (left) and Frank are talking in the background while Mary D. helps out.
Gayle heading through the gate into the Discovery Well Cave Preserve.
Standing around the Uncorked Cave are (left to right) Frank, Robert, Sheri, Doug with Rudy, and Gayle.
Gayle on the left, Martin holding Rudy, and Frank on the right are by the Zig Zag Cave in this picture.
Left to right, Gayle, Frank with Rudy, and Doug stop by the second checkpoint that Rick (seated) is working.
Stephanie at the Finish table.

The picture below was taken by Carol Obianwu near the Finish table. Left to right are Margaret, Stefan, Phyllis, Kim, Ken, and Rose.

We’re sending out a big thank you to our workers and walkers, and to Martin for sharing his pictures!