Photos from Brushy Creek Regional Trail on May 5th

Photos from Brushy Creek Regional Trail on May 5th

A group of Colorado River Walkers met at the Twin Lakes YMCA in Cedar Park this morning and walked one of our club’s Cedar Park Year Round Events. We walked the 8k version of Loop 1 of the Brushy Creek Regional Trail walk. The first part of the route follows Brushy Creek, and the water was flowing due to the recent rains!

Doug Eide, Deb Peak and Stephanie Knight all took pictures along the trail on this wonderful walk, and we’re sharing a sampling of them. Above, Frank, Doug, and Deb are on the trail with the creek in the background.

We were also pleased to see so much water in the small waterfall along the route! You can see the waterfall in the background of this next picture. From left to right are Frank, Deb and Stephanie.

The waterfall!
Doug, Deb and Frank on the trail. The weather was cool and perfect for walking, and the tall trees provided lots of shade.
A view of the creek from the trail.
Doug showed us different trails on this map.
Frank, Stephanie and Deb by a beautiful tree with impressive roots.
Deb snapped this picture of the really cool roots!
Deb taking a picture of flowers so she could identify them using an app on her phone.
She got it!
Doug took this picture of some colorful Lantana flowers.
Stephanie took this one of a field of Firewheel flowers.
The last photo is one of a friendly duck we met by the Twin Lakes.

It was a perfect morning’s walk!