Photos from Ingram Walk on Mar 20th

Photos from Ingram Walk on Mar 20th

A group of Colorado River Walkers did the volksmarch in Ingram, Texas, this past Saturday, March 20th. It was a beautiful day and an interesting walk.

Deb Peak took the photo above at the Stonehenge II site. We all enjoyed exploring this replica of the original Stonehenge in England. Below is a picture that Debbie Galloway took of herself with Stonehenge II in the background:


And here is a picture of Nelli Aguirre with Stonehenge II:


Along with the replica of Stonehenge, there were replicas of two Easter Island Head statues. Below are pictures of some of us with the statues. The first is of Stephanie K. with a statue ( somewhat appropriately masked due to Covid, of course):


The next one is Nelli with the other Easter Island Head replica:


Debbie G. also sent the next two pictures – some cool yard art, and the Art Gallery sign:


The walk route also followed the Guadalupe River, and we got some nice shots of the scenery. Debbie G. took the picture below of the river:


Stephanie K. took these pictures – the first one is Nelli on the bridge with the river in the background, then some trees by the river, and then the dam on Johnson Creek.


The final photo is of the group! Left to right are Deb P, Nelli A, Debbie G, Kathy S, Les S, and Stephanie K.


It was a great walk!