Photos from Llano Walk on Mar 13th

Photos from Llano Walk on Mar 13th

Several Colorado River Walker club members went to the Llano Earth Historical Area Walk this past Saturday, March 13th. We all enjoyed the sites around the town and along the Llano River, and we are sharing our pictures!

Carol O. took the picture above of Kathy and Les in front of the gazebo by the courthouse. The gazebo was the checkpoint for the walk, and you can see Roylene, who was working the checkpoint, in the background. Carol also sent the next three pictures.

Below are Pat and Darlene at the Start/Finish table. The Start/Finish was set up on the porch of a historic log cabin on the grounds of the Llano County Historical Museum.


The small white sign to the right of the log cabin reads:

This log cabin is the oldest extant structure in Llano, built in 1860 on a land grant given in 1846.  Originally the cabin stood on the opposite side of the river and slightly upstream, and was moved to this location in 1991 by the Llano County Historical Society.  The logs are oak, with bark left on the upper and lower sides, and are fitted at the corners using the “V-notch,” a method typical of German settlers of this region.  Chinking consists of small stones, wood slats, and mortar of lime, sand and deer hair.

Below are Colleen and Steve on the trail.


Carol also took this nice shot of the Llano River with the historic Roy B. Inks Bridge across it:


Deb P. took the next three pictures. Below is a closeup of the water rushing over the falls:


Above is some interesting art work from in town, and below is more public art, with the caboose at the Llano Texas Railyard and Visitors Center in the background.


Stephanie K. took the remaining pictures. Below is Gayle on the walking trail along the Llano River:


The next picture is of Siba in front of the Llano County Courthouse.


A carving of a deer head made from an old tree. Pretty awesome.


Below are a few more pictures from the trail. The redbud trees were blooming and were beautiful.


One last picture of Les and Kathy!

Llano_2021_LesKathyCourthouse (8)