Southwest Medical Center “Indie Memorial Walk” on Mar 6th

Southwest Medical Center “Indie Memorial Walk” on Mar 6th

This coming Saturday, March 6th, the San Antonio Pathfinders will be hosting a great walk at the Southwest Medical Center and along the South Texas Medical Foundation Walking Trails.

This is a modified version of one of the club’s Year Round Events, the Southwest Medical Center “Indie Memorial Walk.” 

The walk starts at Martha’s Mexican Restaurant on the northwest side of San Antonio and heads to the nearby South Texas Medical Foundation Walking trail.  The walking trail is home to wildlife such as deer, raccoons and rabbits. The walk also includes some of the new buildings and trails of the UT Health Science Center campus.

The YRE is dedicated to the memory of “Indie”, Martin Callahan’s canine walking partner and Best Friend for many years, who passed away in July 2015.  

Above is a picture of Indie at the Bastrop State Park walk in January of 2007, and below is a picture of Martin (on the left) with Indie later that year.  The picture below was taken on the Historic Austin/Clarksville walk in late September of 2007.  To the right of Indie is John Bohnert, who is holding the leash, and some family members.  (Both photos were provided courtesy of Martin Callahan.) 

Martin, Indie, Bohnerts in Austin in 2007

Below is the flyer for this Saturday’s walk. It has a great photo of the “Wings of Hope-Hands of Healing” sculpture, along with more details about the walk.

The walk start point is Martha’s Mexican Restaurant at 5822 Babcock Road, San Antonio, TX 78240, and walkers may start the walk from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.

Walking season is here, so come on out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather on a nice walk!